Guest Chef

One of the highlights of this summer was a visit from my nephew Michael Speranza. Mike, a professional chef with Custom Culinary was in Seattle on business and managed to get away to Crippen Creek for a couple of nights. Besides just having a great visit, we got a cooking lesson from Mike using some of our great local food that we are always bragging about. But first Mike got a first hand look at where our food comes from.

Chef Michael Sloppin the Hogs
Then we barbecued some baby back ribs from Crippen Creek Farm and beef short ribs from
Zimmerman Beef.

Barbecued ribs with bourbon molasses glaze

Then Mike gave us a lesson in preparing my all time favorite...rack of lamb from Greyfields Farm.

Start with a great piece of meat

Remove fat and silverskin
Sear it

Coat it with Dijon mustard

Cover with seasoned bread crumbs

Roast it

Carve it

And serve it.

Rack of Lamb with demiglaze and acini
This was truly the most incredible lamb I have ever eaten.

And for dessert...Creme Brulee