Today's Harvest

Gardening has been exceptionally difficult this year in the Northwest due to a very wet Spring. Over 8 inches of rain fell in Skamokawa during the month of May so our garden got a late start this year. Summer seems to have come in fits and starts and has never really taken hold this year so I guess we will be grateful for whatever we can harvest this year. The basil has done very well.

Fresh Basil

Pesto Genovese ready for the freezer

Eggplant with more still coming on

First picking of Romano Beans

A mere handful of Haricot Vert

Tomato plants loaded with green tomatoes

One ripe heirloom tomato

We are still holding out hope for the tomatoes to ripen but it's a race against time as we are feeling fall in the air.

We failed again in growing garlic. I'm sure my Sicilian grandfather is rolling in his grave.

How about you? How has your garden fared this year?