The Good Shepherd

If you have visited Crippen Creek, then you know very well that Jessie, our German Sheperd is a good watch dog, as she assertively challenges anyone approaching the house. She has never been trained as a herding dog and I have always wondered if she got in the pasture with the livestock if she would herd them or hurt them. Today I found out. Although German Shepherds were originally bred for herding, it seems they are mostly used in police work and as guide dogs, leaving the herding work to other breeds.

I was returning to the barn with the tractor, Jessie trotting along side and was shocked to see the pasture gate wide open and five of the sheep were out. I panicked a little fearing that Jessie would give chase and the sheep would scatter to parts unknown and never seen again. Jessie's herding instincts kicked in and she immediately started driving the sheep back to their rightful place. As soon as one was in the pasture she turned around and went after another one and had them all back in less than 5 minutes. So three cheers for Jessie!

Jessie and her flock