Gift Certificates

We have gift certificates for almost any occasion that you can dream up. They can be for any amount from as little as a one night stay with breakfast or a full package with all meals included. Gift certificates for cooking classes are a very popular item for the foodie in your life.  Contact us at 360-795-0585 to customize your gift certificate.


Our pasture raised hens provide the farm fresh organic eggs that are the basis for your breakfast at the inn. They are available for purchase for $5 per dozen.

Artisan Breads

Don is a card carrying bread nerd and member of The Bread Baker’s Guild of America. As such he is always on a quest to learn and build a better loaf of bread. Four simple ingredients of flour, water, salt and yeast provide the frame work for our bread, but it is the addition of time, patience and heart that transforms it into a life giving food. Many of our breads use natural leavening(think sourdough) and can take 2-3 days to produce, so advance ordering is necessary. Call 360-795-0585 to place your order. 

Crippen Creek Farm Artisan Breads

Our current selections include:

  • Herbed Focaccia
  • Ciabatta
  • French Baguettes
  • Pain Au Levain (sourdough country boule)

Advance orders for weekly bread are accepted with at least 72 hours notice with pick up  at our inn at 15 Oatfield Rd. in Skamokawa.  Special or large orders require at least 5 days notice.

Organic Chicken, Pork, and Beef

Many consumers are rightly concerned about the source of their food. We share that concern and are committed to producing chicken, pork and beef that is sustainably and humanely raised, free of chemicals, antibiotics and hormones.  We produce in small batches to assure quality control and healthy conditions. While we are not organically certified, we adhere to organic practices.


Most of the chicken available in the market place have been bred to grow rapidly for quick profit for the producer at the cost of creating many health problems for the chicken. Those are the couch potatoes of the chicken world and they spend most of their time in front of the feeder.

We are committed to using chickens from heritage stock that are raised on chemical free pastures. In addition to the organic feed we provide for them, they get plenty of exercise foraging for insects and worms. Consequently, these chickens take longer to raise and the exercise tends to produce meat that is denser in texture and more complex in flavor.

We usually raise them in the summer with a harvest date sometime in September. Our chickens are processed on the farm and available by advance order. Contact us for details and pricing.


Our pigs are a combination of Chester Whites, and Berkshire. The Chester Whites are descendants of the great white boars of Bedfordshire, England. The Berkshire also originates from England and is one of the most popular of the heritage breeds.  They are a favorite among chefs for their intramuscular marbling and succulent flavor.

Our pigs live a stress free life on organic pastures where they can frolic, wallow and root to their heart’s content.  They have 24/7 access to organic hog feed and water.  They are probably the most popular of the barnyard animals with our guests.  You can order a half or whole hog. If a half sounds like too much for your family, consider sharing a half. Let us know if you only want a quarter and we will attempt to connect you with someone else only wanting a quarter. They are usually harvested in September.  We raise only 5-10 a year, so be sure to order early.


Like all of our livestock, our Red Angus steers are raised sustainably and humanely. Their summer diets consists of grass and their winter diet consist of locally grown hay. For years the American consumer was sold on the idea of grain fed beef. In these more enlightened times we now know that has never been in the best interest of the animal or the consumer. Not only is grass-fed beef better for the cow, it’s better for the consumer and it tastes better. Our beef is sold by the half or the whole.

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